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Safety Footwear

The right safety footwear is essential at work, your working environment is a crucial element when choosing the correct safety footwear. It is essential that all employees are properly protected by footwear suited to their needs and requirements.

The Safety shoes supplied by ERIKS comply with the European Standard for safety equipment.

Included in our PPE Catalogue:
  • SB, S1, S2, S3 boots and shoes
  • Ladies shoes
  • Rigger boots
  • Wellingtons
  • Accessories
  • Safety footwear chart

    EN ISO 20344:2011 (E)
    This norm contains the basic requirements concerning the inspection methods and contains the demands, the testing trial methods and additional demands for protection equipment, such as the shoes.

    EN ISO 20345:2011 (E) - Safety Shoes with steel toecap
    Next to the basic demands of the EN ISO 20344 norm, products with a 20345 norm have to meet up to special requirements. These requirements are indicated with (a combination of) capital letters and digit(s) as below:

    ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
    ESD footwear should be used if it is necessary to reduce the build-up of electrostatic charge by dissipating electrical energy in order to avoid the risk of ignition of e.g. flammable substances or vapours by sparks.

    If there is any risk of an electric shock from an electrical unit or live elements.

    It should, however, be noted that ESD footwear cannot offer complete protection against an electric shock, as they only provide resistance between the floor and the foot. If the risk of an electric shock cannot be completely excluded, further measures must be taken to avoid this risk.

    Available from ERIKS
    RX Boots

    The RX Securo and RX Solido are quality made safety shoes made of lightweight materials, with shock absorbent soles and composite toe protection, plus MS3 non-metallic midsoles. This makes RX footwear one of the most comfortable and stylish in the market.
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