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Sealing Technology Development Cell for the Oil and Gas Sector

Seals new dev cell

ERIKS Sealing Technology has recently opened a new development cell specifically designed for the rapid prototyping of sealing products especially for the oil and gas industry.

The new facility, which is housed in the Birchwood Science Park in Warrington, incorporates a high-spec twin-spindle, large-diameter Mazak Integrex i-series multi-tasking machine capable of machining metals, rubber and functional thermoplastics. This facility is situated alongside the latest moulding and mechanical seal assembly facilities in Warrington.

The new cell will be exclusively for the development of functional prototype sealing products, in particular the many complex shapes and sizes demanded by the oil and gas sector. The cell is designed specifically to support ERIKS’ customers in bringing new products to market quickly.

Customers using the cell will also benefit from the know-how of ERIKS’ global materials team, which uses the company’s long established expertise within the oil and gas sector to advise on the most appropriate materials for oil and gas applications.

The new development cell exceeds the previous 3D prototype printing capability for fit-only testing to meet the growing needs of customers that require functional prototypes.

Mick Holland, General Manager of ERIKS Sealing Technology, commented: "The oil and gas sector is exceptionally dynamic with short lead times for new products. The new development cell will enable customers to rapidly prototype new sealing products, eliminating unnecessary delays and significantly shortening the timescales for bringing new products to market."

He continued: "ERIKS has long been associated with oil and gas sector through our operations in the US and our parent company SHV which has numerous interests ranging from exploration and production through to down-stream distribution.

"ERIKS Sealing Technology now has one of the few UK sites to offer the range of capabilities, including materials, mechanical applications and rapid prototyping from a single centre. We understand our customers are under increasing pressures to shorten new product development time and we are confident that our new development cell can provide the competitive edge our customers are looking for."

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