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Many businesses have already taken advantage of improvements in their indirect supply chain, engineering stores management and continuous improvement programmes supported by ERIKS.

Here's a few examples of companies that have worked hard to implement technical engineering savings, released engineering staffs time and gained control of their engineering stores to reduce capital back in to the business. Companies from industries as diverse as pharmaceutical and beverage producers have used Total Cost of Ownership and best practice in indirect supply chain management to drive efficiency up and operating costs down.

IS Case Studies

Case Study 1

Read about the Cabling manufacturer that released engineers time and capital tied up in stock with an engineering stores transformation.

Case Study 2

Read about a pharmaceutical company that consolidated its supply chain and implemented a stores management and procurement system for an uplift in plant and process efficiency.

Case Study 3

Read about a beverage manufacturer that underwent a engineering maintenance, repair and operational (MRO) stores transformation including data cleansing, redesign and management system update to aid productivity gains within the maintenance team.
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