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Selection and Use

ERIKS does not merely help you with selecting your disposable mask, but also gives you more information as to how these high-quality products should be used in order to guarantee maximum protection.

An RX disposable mask supplied by ERIKS protects against:

  • Dust: Particles whether or not floating in the air (i.e caused solid materials are crushed)
  • Mist: Liquid particles floating in the air
  • Fumes: Metal Particles floating in the air resulting from a combustion process

    Disposable masks should not be used in Oxygen deficient atmospheres, or against harmful gases and vapours in concentrations exceeding the limit value.

    RX dust masks are high-quality products and offer a high level of protection. However, correct use of the masks is crucial. Incorrect use and a bad fit do not achieve the desired results and can have dire consequences.
  • disposable mask use

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