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Sensor and Connect

Sensor Cables

Sensor Cables - Cable assemblies, connection brackets
To help you make connection with your sensors to all commercially available data collectors, we supply a wide choice of cable assemblies, mating connectors, and connection brackets.

Sensor Fixing - threaded and magnetic studs
Designed to help with the fitting of the vibration sensor to the part of the machinery or plant you are monitoring, we have available a choice of stainless steel sensor fixing studs such as quick fit threaded or magnetic together with a comprehensive range of spot-facing tools, drills and taps.

Cabling Checker & Accelerometer Simulator

HS-660 - Accelerometer Checker
The HS-660 is a simple to use instrument performing the task of checking vibration sensors before and after installation. It confirms the bias level of the sensors and checks cable integrity, highlighting any electronic fault or cable damage.

HS-661 - Accelerometer Simulator
The HS-661 Accelerometer Simulator is a battery powered, hand held unit designed to enable installation engineers to test vibration monitoring systems that employ 100mV/g constant current type accelerometers and also verify systems.
Cabling Checker & Accelerometer Simulator

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