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Servicing The Defence Industry

The Defence industry researches, designs and manufactures a diverse range of products from submarines to bullets to fighter jets. The changing pace of technology the Defence industry needs to stay ahead of the competition constantly designing new solutions for land, air and maritime.


The biggest problem for the Defence industry is keeping costs down. Infrastructure of a defence plant needs to be run in the most cost effective way possible. Low costs will ensure that you can stay competitive when tendering. High overheads simply mean higher prices for your customer.

As a maintenance partner to your organisation ERIKS can provide a range of cost saving solutions and you can be sure that they work because we are already providing them to clients in the Defence industry.

ERIKS ensure that we bring the most cost effective solutions to site without compromising on new technology. For example ERIKS recently solved a flooding issue on a dry dock. The customer's pumps were failing resulting in lost man hours and equipment. ERIKS used technologically advanced sensors that would detect a rise in water levels, start up the pumps and send a wireless signal to an engineer's phone, who could then monitor the rising tidal levels.

Another area of cost saving is OEM conversion, by converting long part numbers and bad descriptions ERIKS can discover more reliable and cheaper spares solutions.

In addition ERIKS can carry out Critical spare parts analysis, identifying which parts of your plant are critical to stock spares. This reduces downtime and increases efficiency in the case of a breakdown as the spare is onsite as well as reducing your capital tied up in stock.

Tough regulations regarding Health and Safety are another concern especially when handling explosives, ERIKS understand these regulations and can supply a range of anti inflammable equipment.

As an OEM product supplier ERIKS can help to reduce your time to market for new products through expert product knowledge and a product supply choice that is second to none. From sourcing the best priced parts to developing custom solutions ERIKS can ensure that your costs are kept to a minimum enabling you to pass your cost savings onto your customers.
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