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Shaft Encoder Repairs

Shaft Encoder Repairs

ERIKS Electronics have the ability to carry out a wide range of shaft encoders repairs . Hall effect with brushless tacho, incremental, absolute and commutation types. All standard incremental / single turn absolute shaft encoders can be repaired, upgraded or replaced. All shaft encoder repairs carry a six month warranty, upgraded encoders carry three year warranty.

Features of upgraded shaft encoders include:

  • Up rated IP rating for harsh environments (IP65 and IP68)
  • Upgraded versions have automatic calibration and short circuit protection as standard
  • Solid state IR LED and ASIC high reliability technology
  • Upgraded bearings, shafts and seals
  • High temperature versions 130C available
  • Drop in replacement units
  • Custom mechanical designs at low cost

Standard Shaft Encoder Repairs Policies:

  • The most advanced ATE is used to pinpoint faults in logic and analogue circuitry with test pattern rates up to 10 MEG
  • Encoders tested at speed to ensure there are no missing pulses
  • All low voltage high frequency electrolytic capacitors in the power supply are replaced as standard with 105C high performance low ESR types
  • Computerised analogue signature analysis used on all duplicated functional channels
  • Unit thoroughly cleaned, all solder flux removed with solvent
  • Anti static precautions to BS EN100015

Shaft Encoder Repairs

Most shaft encoder manufacturers including:

  • British encoder
  • Hohner
  • Heindenhain
  • Stegmann
  • Renco
Available from ERIKS
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