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Simalube Multipoint launched by Simatec

Simalube Multipoint

Simatec have launched the simalube multipoint, the revolutionary electro-chemical automatic lubricator for multiple lubrication points.

The simalube multipoint has all the features and benefits of the established simalube range of electro-chemical automatic lubricators with the ability to feed 5 individual lubrication points from 5 individual chambers.

Simalube multipoint lubricant is able to deliver 8 ml per chamber which can be dispensed within a period from 1 to 12 months.

Mounting is easy by means of a Fitting Connection (SLM) and the empty lubricator can be easily removed and replaced with a new lubricator. The simalube multipoint dispensers are available filled with various lubricants (grease and oil) and the operating time can be adjusted at any time and be changed according to the requirements.

Simalube multipoint lubricators can be used anywhere lubrication points are in close proximity and require smaller quantities of lubricant. Particularly suited to linear guide systems where the seals allow purging.

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