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Simalube automatic lubricator from Simate

Simalube automatic lubricator

Failure to lubricate a bearing correctly almost always leads to premature failure and high repair costs. But lubrication can be a hassle. That´s why Simatec developed an advanced generation of Simalube - an automatic single-point lubricator which has been proven millions of times.

Two new lubricator sizes cover the full spectrum of manifold grease applications.
  • Precision lubrication, 24/7

  • Precision engineered - Swiss made

  • Improves performance and extends bearing life

  • Prevents under- and over-greasing on stretched maintenance cycles

  • No external power source or batteries required

  • Can be installed anywhere - vertically, horizontally, upside down and even under water (up to 10m)

  • Now available in four new sizes: 30, 60, 125 and 250ml

  • Improved lubricant performance at higher temperatures

  • Working pressure, max. 5 bar

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