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Simalube single point lubricant dispensers

Simalube single point lubricant dispensers

In a large manufacturing plant for cider products, Simatec have been able to convert a large part of their production lines from manual to automatic lubrication with simalube single point lubricators.

The site houses two manufacturing plants, one of which focuses on cider products of brand portfolio and the other plant focuses on products distributed into global markets.

Currently, there are 5 KRONES bottling lines in use. On each line, 80 to 90 simalube SL24-60ml are installed on a 6-month time setting. The total quantity of about 450 simalube represents about 2/3rd of the total simalube potential within the factory. In the near future, the remaining greasing points will also be converted to the automatic greasing with simalube.

The two Plant Maintenance Engineers are well satisfied with the performance of the simalube. It has enabled them in cutting cost in terms of wasted grease, labour as well as improved the overall health and safety standards.

As for the maintenance technician at the plant, the main advantages are: Time consuming manual lubrication has disappeared and we can concentrate on more demanding daily tasks.

Also, the downtime of the machinery due to bearing failures has been significantly reduced since the introduction of the simalube single point lubricators.

In many drinks factories around the world, long conveyor belts, roller conveyors, chain conveyors and corner transfer devices are generally used for transporting.

These chain or belt conveyance installations are often running 24 hours a day and an unplanned stop in the production process means high losses in turnover for any operation.

The employment of simalube lubricant dispensers generally leads to an increase in production output and significant reduction of maintenance cost.

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