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Special Bearings

Slewing Rings

Slewing rings or slewing bearings have a low cross section and often a large bore diameter.  Typically used for heavy loads and slow rotation speeds or oscillation, most sizes are available with internal or external cut gear teeth.  Revolvo, specialise in low volume, high quality made to order slewing rings 0.3 metre to 4.5 metre outside diameter in the following configurations.

Revolvo Slewing Rings

Internal Freewheels or Sprag Clutches/Freewheels

Freewheels are machine elements with particular characteristics, in one direction of rotation there is no contact between the inner and outer ring; the freewheel is in freewheeling operation.  In the other direction of rotation there is contact between the inner and outer ring; in this direction it is possible to transmit high torque.

Ringspan Freewheels

Crossed Roller Bearings

Crossed roller bearings are bearings for precision applications comprise outer rings, inner rings, rolling elements and plastic spacers. The outer ring is split and is held together by three retaining rings.

 Crossed Roller Bearings

Plastic Bearings

Polymer bearings can have excellent corrosion-resistance and withstand harsh operating conditions that conventional corrosion-resistant bearings cannot.

SKF Polymer Bearings

Precision Air Bearings Rotary Table

The precision air bearings rotary table from Kuroda Jena Tec utilise robust high precision roller axial bearings with an air bearing in the horizontal axis for smooth, precise rotary motion.

Precision air bearing rotary tables

Bespoke Bearings

If all else fails and your application falls outside of the standard products in brand name catalogues, ERIKS and our Revolvo bearing manufacturing division can help. It may be the size, performance or the environment of the application, all of these can be satisfied by our engineers and designers.  And remember, we can design and source modified and bespoke housings and shafts as well.

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