Standard Servo Systems with SERCOS - Selection Chart

Important Notes:

  • System rating is the continuous output power from the motor shaft rotating at 3000 RPM. Motor inertia and weight are without brake.
  • The system cables must be purchased from Automation Intelligence.
  • Required mating connectors for the servo drives are supplied with the drive; however - mating connectors for the motor are not supplied, except as a part of the required cable sets.
  • A remote operator RP-001 is needed to make any changes in the drive set-up. A single remote operator may be used to set-up multiple (PE, PV, and PY) drives.
  • PE Series drive mounting brackets are easily repositioned to the rear for panel mount applications.

PE SERCOS Drives and P3 Motors (Standard Size Drive + IP 43 Motor)
System RatingFlange (mm)Peak TorqueStall TorqueMotor InertiaMotor Weight
lb-inNmlb-inNmlb-in-s²kg-m²lb kg
400W 6033.83.8212.11.370.000230.00002553.7 1.7
750W8063.37.1522.62.550.00056 0.00006357.33.3

PE SERCOS Drives and P2 Motors (Standard Size Drive + IP 67 Motor)
System Rating Flange (mm)Peak TorqueStall TorqueMotor InertiaMotor Weight
lb-inNmlb-inNmlb-in-s²kg-m²lb kg
1.5kW10013014.7434.90.00180.00020414.3 6.5
3.0kW 13025128.49610.80.00630.000714 25.111.4
5.0kW13042147.616018.10.0110.00125839.8 18.1

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