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TOTAL Lubricants UK

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TOTAL international group is the World’s 5th ranked international oil company, with more than 97,000 employees and a presence in more than 130 countries.

From the experience gained within our Lubricants business Worldwide, we have developed a range of oils and greases, perfectly suited for all major Industrial applications. We have specific expertise in the Food, Papermaking, Steel, Chemical, Energy and Aggregates sectors.

Innovative products Innovation is a priority for us. We have several research centres, where chemical and mechanical engineers, specialists in tribology, work together to develop new products. Our close relationships with equipment manufacturers enable us to formulate and test tomorrow’s products, guaranteeing optimal performance and protection for your machines and equipment.

Safe and environmentally-friendly products
We have made a commitment to health and safety, and the environment. Our R&D teams aim to reduce the levels of  VOC emissions whilst improving biodegradability and the ability to recycle used product. This is reflected in an ever growing range of energy saving and biodegradable products.

What differentiates TOTAL?Our knowledge of lubricants and the Industrial market place enables us to help you to optimize the productivity of your equipment and help improve your efficiency.TOTAL remains committed to supporting these products with a large team of field based experts, who can provide advice about the most suitable products for your applications, conduct lubrication surveys, identify opportunities for rationalization and help with analyses of used oil.

Key Products

TOTAL Lube shuttle grease gun TOTAL Lube Shuttle Grease GunSignificantly speed up your lubrication operations. The Lube Shuttle is easy to operate with just one hand - increasing efficiency with less downtime and less wasted grease.
total ceran crease TOTAL Ceran greases Compared to standard greases, the CERAN range offers outstanding performance, especially in regard to mechanical stability, corrosion inhibition, and water resistance. This offers reduced consumption, extended maintenance intervals and extended bearing life.
total altis greaseTOTAL Altis greases High Temperature Polyurea Greases with Exceptional Life Time. Polyurea greases are top-of-the-range products specially designed for applications at high temperatures and high speeds. ALTIS are consequently especially suitable where long lubrication intervals are critical.
total nevastane 208L barrel greenTOTAL Nevastane Food Safe Lubricants NEVASTANE Food Grade Lubricants provide outstanding protection and a long service life for your equipment, while ensuring total food safety for your customers. For enhanced security and efficiency. All NEVASTANE Lubricants are NSF H1 registered.
total 208L barrel redHydraulic OilTOTAL hydraulic fluids meet the requirements of international standards and manufacturers’ technical specifications. Our ranges of products correspond to the classifications of the ISO 6743-4 standard.
The HYDRANSAFE range is specially designed to reduce the risks of ignition in the event of an accidental lubricant leak
total 208L barrel red Gear OilA comprehensive range of mineral and synthetic oils designed for the lubrication of gears

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