Engineered savings on 57% of your bearings

"Purchase price is just a fraction of replacement cost when bearings fail..."

Fifty seven per cent of bearings fail before the end of their theoretical lifespan therefore you're paying for more line stoppages or maintenance than you should. It doesn't have to be this way...

It's true: nearly two thirds of rolling bearings and similar components fail to run to their design life. The result is that you incur the cost of more breakdowns and maintenance than you should. But we can help. Our Whole-life Bearing Plan will protect your productivity by ensuring that your bearings deliver their full value.

With our own manufacturing facility, and close relationships with all key suppliers, we can always supply the right bearing - even one no longer in production, an imperial size, or a special, for example.

Our broad technical knowledge and product impartiality means that if the solution is lubricant, sealing or design related, we're still able to quickly recommend the correct
course of action, provide the product and fit it - minimising downtime and reducing the impact on your plant's performance.

But why wait until a bearing fails? We can also provide condition monitoring and vibration analysis, to enable proactive, predictive maintenance: quickly and expertly resolving a small problem, before it becomes a bigger one.

The Bearing Core Competence offers dedicated support to the distribution network to assist with pricing and availability as well as guidance on the best manufacturer to use as a route to market, generating the best growth whilst offering a seamless transition between enquiry and purchase order.

For more information call the ERIKS Bearing Core Competence Centre on 0845 006 6000.