Fenner inverter reduces costs

Biscuit manufacturer sees efficiency savings from Fenner


The production of one of the country's most popular snack foods used 18 individual 4kW air handling units in the cooling process. The system struggled to cope with the production demands and required additional mobile units to be hired during hot summers.

ERIKS identified that part of the problem was the belt drives; so during the process of upgrading these to Fenner Quattro PLUS, ERIKS offered the customer the option of saving energy with inverter control. This was evaluated with a cost savings calculated and presented.


The project to retro fit 18 Fenner 4kW QD:IP55 inverters was quickly approved, with the ERIKS team installing and commissionning the drives.

With the damper system now removed, the drives can be easily controlled at around a 70% flow range. The benefits of this include time saving and increased accuracy in the control of airflow and an overall cost saving by opting for the IP55 unit that could be installed near to the AHUs eliminating the need for additional panels.