Assessing the safety of your flooring

The Surtronic Duo is a portable surface roughness instrument that allows the user to measure, analyse and assess the surface of flooring.

  • Use in conjunction with the HSE SAT (Slip Assessment Tool) Software*
  • Supplied with reference standard for traceable results
  • Suitable for large or small areas, slopes and ramps
  • Over 100 units sold to the HSE
  • Simple to use
  • Optional traceable certificate available

The Surtronic Duo assesses the roughness of your flooring to allow slipperiness to be predicted for a range of flooring materials such as vinyl, linoleum, quarry tiles, terrazzo, wood, epoxy, resin, screed and smooth concrete. Measurements are used in conjunction with the HSEs Slip Assessment Tool* to give an clear indication of slip risk.

Use of the hand-held Surtronic Duo requires minimal training and can be used on-site to assess new or previously laid floors. Unlike other flooring safety tools, the Surtronic Duo is extremely portable and suitable for large or small areas.

For ease of use, the Duo splits into two parts, allowing the measuring head to be placed on the flooring and the measurement to be made via a šremote control'. The results can then be fed into the HSE software to provide a quantifiable risk assessment.

* To help assess the safety of floor surfaces, the HSE has developed a free Slip Assessment Tool (SAT). SAT is a computer software package that allows an operator to assess the slip potential of pedestrian walkway surfaces. The software can be downloaded, free of charge, from:

Technical Data
Gauge range: 200ěm
Accuracy: 5% of reading +0.1ěm
Traverse Length: 5mm
Traverse speed: 2mm/sec

Surtronic Duo - The Engineers Tool for Checking Surface Roughness

The Surtronic Duo is widely used across the engineering industry for rapid, portable surface roughness measurements on a range of metal surfaces:

  • Five parameters to suit a range of applications: Ra, Rz, Rv, Rp, Rt
  • Infra-red link allows remote operation for measuring bores/inaccessible parts
  • Easy measurements at the touch of a button: cut-off, traverse length
    and filter pre-set for ease of use
  • Fast five second measurement cycle
  • High accuracy: +/-5% of reading +0.1ěm
  • No training required
  • Calibration standard supplied (UKAS certificate available)