Reduce fitting time with the SNQ range

Product Innovation from Revolvo Split Roller Bearings

The new SNQ range from Revolvo has reduced fitting time even further.

The innovative 45° split design negates the need to increase the height of the shaft to allow clearance for the support whilst the integral strength of the cast iron remains uncompromised.

Customer research

Swapping Spherical roller bearing blocks for SRB can mean moving the shaft during initial installation to get the cast iron support base into position.

Design and prototyping

Ensuring an angled split in the cast iron support with equivalent strength to the standard unit and cost effective, repeatable manufacture.


Assistance for our customers in specifying, fitting, lubricating and monitoring their SRB SNQ to ensure the maximum life and efficiency from their plant.


Wide stock range built up to support the launch along with supporting material.

Development and testing

Development of the base design and testing for ease of fitting, robustness and operating life cycle of bearings.


Bringing our own sales force and distributors globally to an expert level on the new product and its application.

Quality assurance

Robust QA to control raw material, casting integrity, machining accuracy, paint finish and that’s just the support!
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