Tech Direct 11

This eleventh edition of Tech Direct highlights the latest products and services available from ERIKS as well as focusing on the plus side.

Our Planet+ initiative underpins all of our thinking – positively helping your productivity and profitability, and being positive in reducing waste, pollution, risk and energy.

And, as ERIKS is never just about outstanding products, we showcase our comprehensive services and exceptional solutions which will be a big plus to your business.

So there are no negatives, only positives with Tech Direct and ERIKS.

In this issue we feature the new SKF Machine Condition Indicator – a low-cost vibration and temperature monitoring device designed for rotating machinery in constant operating conditions. This provides the capability to track basic machine health on assets which are not currently being monitored on a regular basis. The sensor costs less than a standard industrial accelerometer and allows maintenance engineers to spend less time on problem detection, saving time and money. Click here to find out more.

We also look at the new standard DSBC cylinder from Festo – certified to ISO 15552 with PPS automatic cushioning. The cushioning piston has slots for blowing out the cushioning volume and the flow rate in outgoing direction changes automatically during the cushioning stroke. Due to the change in flow rate, the cushioning reacts according to the energy, so the cushioning is always set correctly – resulting in less impacts on all parts and a longer service life. Click here for further details.

This edition of Tech Direct also features the new SNQ split bearing range from Revolvo which reduces fitting time even further. Its innovative 45° split design negates the need to increase the height of the shaft to allow clearance for the support whilst the integral strength of the cast iron remains uncompromised. Click here to find out more.

We look at the Chain Pin Extractor from Renold which offers a quick and easy way to cut chain. Cutting a wedge riveted chain means having to grind off the pin head and then hammer the pin through the plates which involves a lot of time and effort. Renold and Renold Synergy transmission chain have an endsoftened pin with a pin, or round, rivet allowing you to cut the chain by hand in moments with no mess! Click here for further details.

And last, but most definitely not least, we showcase the new RX® range of Personal Protective Equipment which gives attention to Ergonomics and design, health and safety and current legislation without compromising on quality. Included in the range are disposable masks, safety eyewear, safety shoes and safety gloves. Click here to find out more.

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