Single-point automatic Simalube lubricator

Simalube is a gas-powered single-point automatic lubricator filled with 30, 60, 125 or 250ml of grease or oil. 

The patented hydrogen-producing dry cells drive a piston to dispense lubricant at a consistent rate of between 1 and 12 months, which is adjustable in operation.

Gas production is initiated by turning the adjustment disk on the top with a Hex key or Allen key.

  • 1 to 12 month dispense time
  • Infinitely adjustable during operation
  • Patented gas-producing dry cell technology means no liquid or dangerous chemicals, no toxic waste
  • ATEX approval to Zone 2
  • Works in any orientation even upside down
  • Grease or oil filled (oil filled units have a non-return valve)
  • Suitable for the lubrication of rotary bearings, linear bearings, chain, open gears, sprockets, etc

Simalube automatic single-point lubricator is now available in 15ml.

Over greasing of bearings impairs performance but also wastes grease. Avoid over greasing with a measured, controlled automatic delivery of just the right amount of grease or oil for up to 12 months from the market.

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