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Positive focus on sustainability: good for your business and the planet!

This ninth edition of Tech Direct not only features the latest products and services from ERIKS - and focuses on our commitment to sustainability - but also ties in with our new look Tech Direct website.

Our new Planet + initiative is as much about positively enhancing your productivity and profitability as it is about positively reducing energy use, waste, pollution and risk. So everyone - and the planet - wins.

Planet + is a four-part approach to a better planet for us all and a better business for you.

Throughout this issue we feature products which fulfil the positive reduction criteria and will help you make positive steps in your business.

For more information about Planet + click here.

New products to help you save time and money

New products for Tech Direct 9 include the new SKF Explorer Self-Aligning Roller Bearings. Due to improved wear resistance, the new bearings offer twice the service life under poor lubrication or severe contamination conditions compared with the previous generation of SKF Explorer Bearings. Click here to find out more.

We also showcase the Fenner QD:HVAC inverter which provides powerful and flexible control ideal for fan and pump applications. Did you know that reducing your motor speed by just 20% can result in potential energy savings of up to 50%?

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