Industrial Pneumatics

When ERIKS is your pneumatics partner, you can choose from a range of leading brands and can be assured that we will have the right solution. That's because ERIKS works with all the leading manufacturers, have our own technical specialists and also hold huge numbers of our products in stock - £2.5m worth at the last count. But it's not just about product supply. ERIKS can pull know-how, service and support out of the hat too.

The right pneumatics products, wrongly applied, are just as bad as the wrong products. But with the high level of technical expertise available from ERIKS, you can be sure not just of getting the right product but a more holistic approach to the  problem.

For example, ERIKS’ technical specialists can work with you to help develop a more reliable solution, or to provide a cost-effective and practical solution to a problematic application or new project. They can also help you to identify performance and cost improvements and then provide you with the products to make it possible.

Better still, their solutions won’t be constrained by having only a limited number of brands to offer. Because ERIKS is not tied to one manufacturer, or even a handful. We have the largest range available of leading-brand products, so you get the optimum solution regardless of who makes the parts.

A helping hand, on hand

Helping you get more from your pneumatics systems means giving you help and support where and when you need it. So ERIKS offers a comprehensive range of on-site services to help you find more ways to maximise the efficiency of your systems.

By far the highest cost in any system is energy – and energy wastage through leakages is money wasted too. However ERIKS has the equipment and the expertise to detect and quantify leaks, using a range of tools and techniques such as ultrasonic detectors, flow metering and data logging. Once the problem areas are identified, ERIKS can bring years of experience to bear in finding the best ways to overcome them to maximise efficiency, minimise wastage and reduce energy costs.

Then, once your systems are operating at their optimum, ERIKS can provide condition monitoring and maintenance services to help you keep them that way.

ERIKS’ nationwide presence, with regional teams of specialists across the country, also ensures that expert help and advice is never too far away.

For more information call the ERIKS Fluid Power Core Competence Centre on 0845 006 6000.