Industrial Power Transmission

True reliability means more than simply continuous operation. It also means a consistent level of performance, minimal energy consumption, and a predictable lifespan - enabling you to be confident in your business planning.

ERIKS can help at every level - even down to effective solutions to simple problems, with major repercussions. A poorly fitting belt, for example, can lead to a 10% reduction in energy efficiency. Yet a simple change of pulleys will alter the drive ratio and achieve a significant efficiency increase.

Our expertise in application engineering is clearly essential to improving your competitiveness - from prime mover to driven machine.

ERIKS' understanding of the environment in which a transmission system must work, the stresses it has to handle and the results it has to produce, enables us to engineer a solution you can rely on - for increased efficiency, extended life, minimum maintenance and maximum productivity.

Our nationwide presence and regional structure, extensive and comprehensive know-how means we can offer you as much help as you want or need, 24/7. From MRO and OEM solutions and advice, to complete project management or turn-key solutions, ERIKS can ensure you get the best system and the best out of your system.

For more details call the Drives and Power Transmissions Core Competence Centre on 0845 006 6000.