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Technical Services from ERIKS

Whatever your business performance objectives', there's one critically important factor: your processes have to start when you press the button and run as long as you need them to. For this to happen you need plant reliability and ERIKS are here to make sure that happens.

The Process

Steps to Success

Achievement of your productivity and profitability goals is a process unique to you: and one which ERIKS fine-tunes for your success.

The first step is consultation: reviewing existing high risk, performance-critical areas to identify and prioritise savings or improvement opportunities.

Next we make recommendations highlighting ERIKS solutions and prioritising them into short and medium term categories for implementation. This becomes a working, agreed action plan, incorporating work schedules, milestones and completion dates.

To implement the ERIKS solutions our multi-disciplined engineers will, if required, work with your own teams on supply, installation and commissioning.

Finally, we offer a variety of on-going support as necessary through our technical specialists, ranging from reliability review meetings to best practice advice designed to ensure the continued smooth running of your assets.

What next?

Working with ERIKS Technical Services is a 'soft start' not a kick-start. It's never an instant decision and rarely the decision of one person alone.

Experience shows that the best next step is a meeting between you, ERIKS Technical Services and may include your colleagues representing Health and Safety, maintenance, production, continuous improvement and environmental services to establish the scope and nature of our involvement and our mutual cooperation.

In advance of this meeting, we recommend you allow us to undertake a Need Analysis Survey, to identify and prioritise opportunities.

Reliability, productivity and profitability start now. Fill in our 'Request a Callback' form at the top right of this page to find out more.

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