The Ambersil maintenance range

Amberclens Anti-Static

Ambersil Tough Wipes 100

Ambersil Tough Wipes 30

Amberklene FE10Amberklene ME20

Amberclens - Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner

Your benefits:

  • Removes tough, stubborn stains such as grease, grime, dirt and nicotine
  • Safe for use on plastics, metals, painted and glazed surfaces
  • Meets military, rail and automotive specifications
  • Available in a 750ml trigger spray or bulk

Amberklene FE10 - Fast Drying Solvent

Your benefits:

  • A fast and effective cleaner/degreaser
  • Powerful flushing action, rapidly removes contaminants
  • Evaporates to leave a clean, dry surface
  • Safe for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and most plastics
  • Meets military specification NATO catalogue No. 6850-99-6636478

Amberklene ME20 - A heavy-duty degreaser for extra stubborn soiling

Your benefits:

  • Removes heavy deposits of oil and grease, waxes and silicones
  • Controlled evaporation for longer contact time
  • High flash point +41ºC
  • Zero residue

Tough Wipes - High absorbency hand cleaning wipe

Your benefits:

  • Contains anti-bacterial agents effective against most common bacteria (e.g. Weils Disease, E.Coli, etc)
  • Cleaner and towel in one convenient wipe
  • Contains skin conditioner to combat dermatitis
  • Hands dry rapidly leaving them clean and with virtually no odour
  • Highly effective on a range of soiling types - grease, oils, petrochemicals, paints, adhesives, tar, bitumen, resins, silicone

Ambersil Forty Plus

Ambersil chainspray

Ambersil Dry MolyAmbersil Copper Anti-Seize

40+ Protective Lubricant

Your benefits:

  • Quickly frees seized nuts, bolts and bearings
  • High corrosion protection and water displacement properties - Passes IP 178, Methods A and B
  • Non-conductive film
  • Safe on most paints, rubbers and plastics

Dry Moly

A high pressure resistant, dry film lubricant containing Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) for metal-to-metal lubrication

Your benefits:

  • Tough and long lasting
  • Dry film will not attract dust, dirt or contaminants and repels water
  • Operational temperature range: -150°C to +400°C

Copper Anti-Seize

High Temperature Anti-Seize

Your benefits:

  • Formulated with micro-ionised copper and anti-oxidant additives
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Assists easy disassembly of threaded components
  • Good corrosion protection even in highly corrosive environments
  • Lead and nickel-free


Chain and Drive Lubricant

Your benefits:

  • Offers maximum adhesion to chain links
  • Resists šwater wash off' and dust absorption
  • Resists šthrow off', apply to running chains
  • High temperature resistance up to +200ºC
  • Clear version available for the food industry

For further details contact your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000.

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