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Wera Tool Hex Set

Why Use Stainless Steel Tools? When a standard ferrous insert tool is used with a stainless steel fastener, the intense pressure exerted leaves behind microscopic traces of carbon steel. These can oxidize and cause extraneous rust, which is unsightly, unhygienic and can lead to serious corrosion if left untreated. The ugly rust that you see dripping out of stainless steel fasteners can be prevented! It's not a fastener problem - it's a tool problem. The solution is Wera Stainless Steel Tools.

After extensive testing and millions of pounds of investment, Wera Tools' Research & Development experts in Wuppertal, Germany came up with the ultimate solution. A cryogenic (vacuum ice-hardening) process cools the steel. This tempers the steel in a gasless chamber, which preserves flexibility while giving tools optimal hardness and durability values.

The Wera Stainless 9 piece Hex Key Set contains sizes 1.5x90mm, 2.0x101mm, 2.5x112mm, 3.0x123mm, 4.0x137mm, 5.0x154mm, 6x172mm, 8.0x195mm, 10.0x224mm

All the Hex Keys have the Hex Plus feature which increases contact surface inside the fastener, reduces the notching effect and therefore procects the screw head. At the same time up to 20% more torque can be transferred.

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