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Thermal imaging minimising risk for electrical systems

Thermal imaging minimising risk for electrical systems

When electrical circuits are faulty, badly designed or improperly used, they can be both costly and potentially dangerous.

But such faults and misuse are notoriously difficult to identify. In fact, all too often, they become obvious only when it´s too late - and repair can be extremely costly. This is where thermal imaging can prove invaluable.

Even a properly working circuit and its load, will dissipate some heat. But a faulty or unbalanced circuit will produce unusual amounts of heat in places that can be analysed thermographically to provide an accurate diagnosis of the problem. The technique is extremely effective and can be used to identify a wide range of problems, from corroded connections and insulation damage to poor ventilation and circuit overload.

The use of thermal imaging as an electrical diagnostic tool is quick and powerful. And it´s safe and cost-effective too, as the technique requires no contact the components can be checked in their live state, with no danger to the user.

But, for an effective diagnosis, the thermographer must have extensive knowledge of how circuits and components behave under normal conditions - only then can he make a meaningful analysis of the circuit under examination. ERIKS´s thermographers all have this experience.

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