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Thermographic Surveys Can Save You Thousands

Condition Monitoring

ERIKS offers a swift condition monitoring option in the form of a thermographic survey.

Thermal imaging cameras can highlight a range of dangers, from overheating machinery to poor insulation, even among physically inaccessible components, and potentially save a plant thousands of pounds.

A thermographic survey offers a swift and inexpensive condition monitoring option, and acting on the results can save a plant thousands of pounds. Using thermal imaging cameras, a thermographic survey can pinpoint drafts and poor insulation, as well as construction failures that are causing heat loss, humidity and air leaks.

They can also target otherwise inaccessible components within machinery and identify parts that are functioning outside temperature limits. What's more, all of this can be achieved with minimal disruption, since thermal images can be gathered swiftly from a safe distance while machinery is still running.

As well as identifying overheating machinery or heat loss in buildings, thermographic surveys can also prevent problems in low temperature environments, such as cold stores, where the chilling or freezing of food at the correct temperature is critical.

ERIKS conducted a thermographic survey for Pirelli, identifying areas of heat loss that would have been difficult or impossible to identify any other way. Our condition monitoring division caused negligible disruption and, over only two days, identified areas where simple and cost-effective maintenance could provide an annual energy saving of £60,000.

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