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Thermographic engineers maximise system efficiency

Thermographic image shows a big insulation fault on the steam pipe

Hot water systems and steam circuits are often the source of heat losses. In fact, pipes can reduce thermal efficiency of the overall delivery system by as much as 50%!

Our thermographic engineers can quickly identify pipe-work that is operating at low efficiency levels and advise on an appropriate solution.

Sometimes of course, a naked-eye inspection is enough to identify obvious insulation faults. In complex or congested pipe systems however, a visual survey can be more difficult - and even impossible. Here, thermal imaging can prove invaluable, offering a fast and accurate way of spotting pipes that need to be insulated.

This approach will also reveal other significant sources of heat wastage, such as flanges, valves or joints, which are often left uninsulated for purposes of access and maintenance.

And it´s not just hot water and steam that needs good insulation. Chilled water or glycol systems also need to be insulated - to keep them chilled. If heat flows from outside the system to inside, more energy is required to remove it, escalating the cost of the chilling process. ERIKS thermal imaging services can show if, and where, this is happening, helping you to optimise energy consumption and costs.

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