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Threadlocking Adhesive is oil tolerant resistant to elevated temps

Loctite 278

Loctite 278 is a new high strength threadlocking adhesive that is both oil tolerant and resistant to elevated temperatures. Being anaerobic, it cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces.

Once cured, it prevents loosening and leakage caused by shock and vibration.

When using adhesives, it is always best to degrease the components wherever possible, but with oil tolerant products, such as Loctite 278, greater degrees of contamination can be successfully accommodated.

This latest addition complements the existing range of low, medium and high strength thread locking adhesives, and that comprehensive choice means just the right product can be selected to meet specific application requirements.

Loctite 278 will be seen as a good all-round high strength thread locking adhesive that can be successfully utilised for many applications.

Fixture time for Loctite 278 on M10 nuts and bolts is generally achieved within 10 to 15 minutes, with full cure depending on the substrates involved and the bond gap
Although this maximum strength product is intended for use on permanent joints, disassembly is possible.

This is achieved through the application of localised heat in excess of 250°C to the nut or bolt, and then applying a torque while at the elevated temperature.

For further information on this product, please contact your local ERIKS service centre on 0845 006 6000 or click here to find your local service centre.

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