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Timken Spherical Roller Bearings A Quantum Leap in Performance

timken new srb

The launch of the recently redesigned Timken spherical roller bearing helps manufacturers and end-users build and operate leaner, more reliable equipment, while helping to reduce operating costs. Designed for the toughest, most demanding applications, from heavy gear and caster applications to the harshest aggregate and conveyor systems, Timken spherical roller bearings stand ready to help you operate at higher levels of efficiency and capacity.

A Quantum Leap in Performance
With higher load and speed ratings than previous Timken spherical roller bearings, this next generation achieves higher performance levels with improved surface finishes and innovative features that are designed to lower operating temperatures and increase load-carrying capabilities:
  • New cage designs, including a nitrided, stamped steel slotted cage, help provide better purging of contaminants.
  • Optimized internal geometries provide positive axial roller guidance and improved lubricant distribution.
  • Circumferential roller guidance generates positive hydrodynamic contact, contributing to better roller/cage interaction.

The result of these innovations is an 18 percent increase in capacity for a 75 percent design life improvement over their previous spherical roller bearing design.

The next-generation of Timken spherical roller bearings, available with either a steel or brass cage, runs cooler offering longer bearing life and greater reliability. A 5°C decrease in operating temperature can translate to 9 percent longer bearing life. In tests, Timken spherical roller bearings ran at consistently lower temperatures than same-size competitive bearings.

For more information please contact your local ERIKS service centre.

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