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Total Coil Protection

Underwater Testing Coils after VPI Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Coil Problems can be solved

Coil Designs offered to cover all possible situations

Our Coils Designs and Specifications cover a wide range of applications from small solenoids, magnets, all coils associated with traction, rotors, transformers and generators of every type including waterwheel generators up to and including 100Megawatt and 13000Volts AC

Full range of Insulation Temperature Classifications up to and including Class C. 220Centigrade.

Improved Corona Protection for Endwindings and Cell sections.

All coils manufactured to fine fit tolerances, to prevent movement and abrasion of the coils insulation.

Purpose selected materials supplied as winding ´Kits´to provide the maximum support for your windings preventing coil movement and insulation erosion.

Maximum Environmental Protection against, Water, Acids. Alkalis, Oils and Abrasive Particles obtained through our Vacuum Pressure Impregnation and Hybrid Insulation Designs.

Total Water Immersion Tests to National and International Standards applied on Approved Insulation Designs.

Purpose Designed Coil Interturn Insulation as a protection against high voltage high frequency transient voltages caused by switching problems.

Consultancy Service is offered which will investigate the reason for the failure of a machine, And will offer after examination and testing a purpose designed system to provide long term service and reliability.

A Taylor Made design is always a better fit, and in the long term saves money

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