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Traditional Servo Systems - P5 Motors

Medium inertia P5 Motor

The compact and medium-inertia P5 brushless servo motors are available in two sizes: the 200 watt size with NEMA 23 mounting and the 1kW size with NEMA 34 mounting. All P5 motors can operate to 4500 r.p.m., include a built-in 2000 line ´wire-saving´ optical encoder, and have optional 24 VDC spring-set holding brakes. The P5 motors have connectorized leadwires, shaft seals, and an IP-55 environmental rating.

The P5 motors have a unique magnetic design and very efficient thermal management that results in motors that are about 70% smaller than conventional designs. The compact size, medium-inertia, and NEMA mounting flanges make these motors ideal for applications with higher load inertia and standard response.
FeaturesP5 Motor Family
Compact Size70% smaller
Environmental RatingIP-55
ShaftRound with no keyway
Medium InertiaYes
Wire-Saving Encoder2000 line with differential line driver (8000 pulses/rev inside drive)
Brake OptionYes (24 VDC Spring-Set)
Metric DimensionsYes (but P5 motors have NEMA mounting flanges)

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