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Traditional Servo Systems - PY0 Drives

The PY0 family includes five models that operate from a 230 VAC supply (single or three phase setting is available) All PY0 drives have a uniform height and built-in functions such as dynamic braking, regenerative energy processing (external regenerative resistor is used in some applications), and holding brake timing control.

The PY0 drives are manufactured in an ISO-9001 facility and have UL, cUL, and CE marks. The PY0 drives provide for traditional command interfaces such as +/- 10 volt velocity or torque commands, pulse and direction position command, and master encoder following.

The fully-digital PY0 drives have programmable functions including auto-tuning, load vibration suppression, fault history, electronic gearing, and many digital input/output functions. A remote operator or PC set-up software provides for quick and easy set-up.
FeaturesPY0 Drive Family
Package SizeStandard size
Input Voltage 230VAC Input (single or 3-Phase)
Output Current15, 30, 50, 100, 150 Amp Output
Multiple Command Sources Position, Velocity, Torque
Fully DigitalYes (No Pots!)
Easy Setup with Remote OperatorRemote Operator and PC Set-up Software
Standards UL, cUL, and CE

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