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Traditional Servos Systems

Position, Velocity, or Torque control modesThe PY drives can be user configured for a variety of command sources including pulse and direction ´stepper´ emulation with electronic gearing, master encoder following with electronic gearing, or +/- 10VDC velocity/torque command. The PY drives also allow for mode switching on the fly (velocity to torque, position to torque, and position to velocity). This allows the same drive to be used for a very wide range of applications.
Vibration Suppression (low pass filters and a notch filter)The PY drives include programmable filters to suppress mechanical vibration of the load. This results in smoother and quieter operation in these situations.
Fault HistoryThe PY drives store the previous 7 faults to assist in troubleshooting any problems.
Auto-TuningThe PY drives have an auto-tune feature where the load inertia is estimated and tuning parameters are set for a particular response selection.
Electronic Gearing and Programmable Encoder ResolutionThe PV and PE drives allow for programmable gearing of the position input command and programmable resolution of the output encoder. This flexibility can prevent having to change mechanical gearing to achieve the proper positional relationships in your application.
Separate AC Input for the Main and Control PowerThis allows the main (motor or ´bus´) power to be disconnected during an alarm or emergency stop situation while retaining the control (or logic) power for fault analysis and retention of position feedback.
Built-in FunctionalityThe PY drives are very complete with a built-in dynamic brake to stop the motor during a power-down condition and a built-in regeneration circuit to handle excess energy during motor speed reversals. The PY drive also provides for the holding brake control timing signals. The built-in functionality of the PY drives tremendously simplifies the electronic panel design by minimizing the need for extra external components.

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