Transformer Painting

Before 20 MVA transformers

After 20 MVA transformers

After 20 MVA transformers

ERIKS have over 30 years experience in refurbishing and painting transformers at customer sites

Services Include

  • Steam cleaning or shot blasting
  • Rust removal and treatment
  • Radiators replaced on site
  • Flow painting (over 100 microns per coat)
  • Transformer compound refurbishment
  • All existing rust is removed where possible and treated with a rust preventor.
  • All necessary parts are then masked to prevent painting. The transformer then has a primary coat applied via a spray gun.
  • Once this is dry a second top coat is applied by means of flow painting. Flow painting is a technique we use to give a far greater micron coat of paint than is obtainable from spray painting.
  • This technique is an advantage in costal areas where sea salt corrodes tanks and in arduous atmospheres
  • Gate valves, breathers and auxiliaries are painted different colours for ease of identification.

Transformer Compounds

  • Compounds cleaned and plant growth removed
  • Fencing and gates painted and repaired
  • Buildings maintained i.e. brick work
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