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Understanding Lens Coatings

The innovative RX coating technology provides the RXR safety glasses with superior resistance to scratches (outside), and fogging (inside).

Coatings that have the double-effect (anti-scratch and anti-fog are mixed in 1 coating and therefore attain only half the efficiency); the RXR coating is 100% effective. The 2 coatings are applied separately where the anti-scratch coating is applied exclusively on the outside, and the anti-fog exclusively on the inside.

The treatment of the external surface of the lens with this coating forms a hard film which constitutes a barrier against superficial damage which obstructs the view. The RX lenses are thus
protected against scratches and wear caused by friction with hard particles and dusty surroundings.
The RX Anti-scratch treatment is certified according the K requirements of the EN166 standard.

The anti-fog treatment is a film with a thickness of a few microns which is applied to the entire inner surface of the lens.
The chemical and physical characteristics of the coating prevent condensation because the coating absorbs the fog.
The RX anti-fog coating is permanent and is certified according to the N requirement of the EN166 standard.


  • Protects against impact and UV rays
  • Can be used for longer periods of time and causes neither distortion of the view nor eyestrain
  • No colour distortion

  • Applications:
    Mechanical activities requiring a good view.
    Standards: EN166/EN170
    Marking: 2C-1.2
    VLT*: 89%


  • Protection against impact, UV rays and harmful beams of light
  • Use in the event of sunlight and risk of blinding
  • Excellent colour recognition - TSR (Traffi c Signal Recognition)
  • Lets the light (spectrum) linearly go through
  • Ensures a better adaptation of the eye to variable lighting conditions

  • Applications:
    Activities outside and mechanical activities with risk of blinding.
    Standards: EN166/EN170/EN172
    Marking: 2C-3/5-3.1
    VLT*: 16%
    Sunglasses Equivalent: Shade 3

    POLYCARBONATE green (Shade 5)

  • Protection against impact, UV and infrared rays and blinding caused by welding activities.

  • Applications:
    Lens in shade 5 for oxy-fuel welding and cutting
    Standards: EN166/EN169 & EN170
    Marking:: 5
    VLT*: 2%
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