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Vampire Energy


In the spirit of Halloween; Vampires are lurking in homes across the UK. And these are not the kind that can be warned off with garlic, nor are they interested in taking a bite of your neck.

These vampires are the type that feed on your electrical sockets and tear through your wallet. These vampires are everyday devices and appliances that suck up electricity even when idle or on standby mode.

Have you ever come home from work and noticed your mobile phone charger is warm, even though it’s not been charging anything all day? Or have you seen that little red standby light on your television, even when the telly’s not on? What about game consoles that are left on once you’ve finished playing? All of these products are leeching unneeded electricity and adding pounds to your electricity bill. And it’s what we call vampire energy.

The average household in the UK is wasting £86 a year by leaving products on standby. Don’t be one of them.

So, how do you escape the clutches of vampire energy? It’s simple.

Don’t be a sucker. Save energy. Save money. SWITCH IT OFF.

Get involved on Twitter @bpchallenge #VampireEnergy

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