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WEG Motors The Full Range

WEG motor 2
WEG Motors come from a world leader in the design and delivery of industrial motors, WEG's focus is not only on helping you to meet new IE3 standards, but also on developing motors with the highest efficiency ratings in the market - to help reduce your energy usage and your costs.

IE2 Weg Motors
All WEG motors now exceed the requirements of the mandatory IE2 energy-efficiency standard for electric motors.

IE3 Weg Motors
Although the higher IE3 standard has come into force in January 2015, WEG has had a full range of Premium Efficiency IE3 motors available since 2011.

IE4 Weg Motors
No date has yet been confirmed for the introduction of a mandatory IE4 rating, but a super-premium efficiency cast iron frame WEG IE4 motor is already available.

IE5 Weg Motors
The WEG WQuattro line, with outputs from 0.37-7.5kW, is a hybrid motor with squirrel cage rotor, which exceeds IE4 efficiency levels. Suitable for direct online state.

Wmagnet Drive System
A super-premium efficiency permanent magnet motor with a frequency inverter. Ideal for applications demanding variable speeds, low noise levels and reduced motor size.

W21 Range

IE4 motor

WEG ATEX range

W21 Aluminium Motor Range

  • 0.12-37kW
  • Efficiencies IE2/IE3
  • Frames 63 to 200
  • Multimount frame

W22 Cast Iron Range

  • 0.12-500kW
  • Efficiencies IE2/IE3/IE4
  • Frames 63 to 355
  • Low running cost

W22X ATEX Range

  • 0.12 - 400kW
  • Efficiencies IE1/IE2/IE3
  • Frames 63 to 355
  • ATEX Certified for Gas & Dust Groups


weg wimes w22

High Voltage Range

  • Outputs up to 20,000kW
  • Voltage up to 13,800V
  • Multiple design options and configurations
  • Tailored to the application

WQuattro/ W Magnet Ranges

  • 0.37 - 160kW
  • Efficiencies up to IE5
  • Frames 80 to 250
  • Hybrid and Permanent Magnet Solutions

W22 WIMES Range

  • WIMES - Water Industry Standard Compliant
  • 0.12 - 500kW
  • Efficiencies IE2/IE3
  • Frames 63 to 355
  • 3 Year Warranty

Take a look at some of our case studies, where we have worked in conjunction with WEG implementing their high efficiency motors:

  • ERIKS TCO Calculator reveals big savings
    TCO Calculator reveals savings to automotive customer leading to replacement of current motors with WEG IE3 motors. Click here to read more.
  • ERIKS receive sustainability award for TCO Calculator
    Sustainability award leads to British Gypsum Barrow swapping their motors for efficient WEG IE3 motors. Click here to read more.
  • Motor efficiency review identifies energy savings
    Overall carbon footprint also reduced at the same time. Click here to read more.
  • Replacement exhaust fan drive replacement saves energy
    ERIKS UK help to reduce energy usage resulting in cost savings. Click here to read more.
  • IE3 motors reduce energy costs and CO2
    ERIKS know-how provides detailed calculations of the savings that can be achieved when investing in electric motors. Click here to read more.
  • ERIKS give customer unbiased repair or replace option
    ERIKS find the best solution for customer by repairing a motor with a non-standard output shaft as a WEG authorised repairer. Click here to read more.

    For more information on the WEG Electric Motor range, please contact your local ERIKS representative.
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