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Watch and Learn

It’s a real advantage to be able to understand and lean about your machines condition and performance and can lead to significant cost savings to minimise maintenance costs and production line disruption for unexpected failures and this is where online condition based monitoring can play a major role.

Using a broad range of sensors, you can be made aware of potential problems before they can affect your plant, its performance or its productivity. So wherever you are, at any time — day or night — you can take proactive steps to avoid catastrophic failure. And the system can even take the necessary action to protect your asset.

Reading the signs
ERIKS’ comprehensive system knowledge means we know how machines fail. So we also know how to design the most effective systems to protect customers’ vital assets.
con mon asset graph
Our expertise means we:
  • Know what and where to monitor for the most effective early-warning of failure
  • Use the correct predictive algorithms to provide exactly the right level of warning and protection
  • Can interpret the data gathered for the most complete insight into your assets and their efficient operation.

Online condition based monitoring is only one of many solutions depending on the criticality of your asset and the speed of which a failure will impact reliability. It maybe that a simple infrequent manual inspection with a hand held device will suffice or that a visual indicator for an operator would meet the requirement at a more suitable cost, all these things need taking into account when designing an asset monitoring programme.

Just as important is the selection and type and location of sensors, this is driven largely by the failure modes, an understanding here can make a massive difference in the way readings can be interpreted along with identifying the corrective action required.

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