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Water and Waste Water

Delivering a safe and reliable water supply to the UK is becoming increasingly difficult Water and waste water industrywith ever more pressure put on this precious resource. 

ERIKS can help you find the most efficient and innovate ways of maintaining infrastructure and guaranteeing the quality of drinking water and water in streams, lakes, reservoirs and rivers while improving reliability and where possible increasing automated maintenance on remote sites.

Key industry drivers include:

  • Plant Reliability -The 24/7 requirements of plant, mean unexpected failures must be avoided and stretched maintenance schedules mean bearings are expected to last longer between planned maintenance windows.
  • Quick and easy replacement - With plant often located in remote locations a supply partner with extensive local stocks, knowledgeable staff, national logistics network and as an authorised distributor with ready access to partner supplier stocks is always essential.
  • Safety and Hygiene - Particularly important on the potable water side, ensuring water is free from contaminants and any product coming into contact with raw materials and finished products is “food-safe” and regulated.


Bearings are located all around facilities at every stage of the process, while many are in pumps, motors and gearboxes, there are also bearings in screens, grit rakes, settling tanks and aeration beds to name a few. Key factors affecting bearing performance include:

  • Outdoor environment and moisture - Bearings must be able to cope with outdoor conditions, wind, rain and temperature highs and lows plus the naturally wet conditions.
  • Stretched maintenance schedules - Unstaffed sites might be visited infrequently so products requiring the minimum maintenance are required.


Key products and solutions:

Revolvo SRB
Revolvo Split Roller Bearings (SRB)
Fully split to the shaft Housed Cylindrical Roller Bearings with brass cages, perfect for trapped applications, where surrounding equipment would have to be removed (couplings, motors, gearboxes etc.) to fit a normal bearing.  With brass cages and seals which move with the bearing during misalignment to ensure no sealing gap occurs, SRB’s are ideal for heavy duty and contaminated applications
Spherical roller bearing solid block housed units
Timken Spherical Roller Bearing Solid-block Housed Units (formerly QM Blue-Brute)
Timken® spherical roller bearing solid-block housed units are designed for the most challenging circumstances. Made with cast-steel housings and Timken high-performance spherical roller bearings, these are the only spherical roller bearing housed units to offer steel solid-block housing as standard.
Automatic delivery of lubricant to a single point for up to 12 months requiring no external power source.  Sl10 version features NSF H1 accredited food grade grease and SL18 features food safe oil.


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