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Water and Wastewater

The Water and Wastewater industry's primary aims are to supply pure water to consumers and process wastewater. A massive part of this is maintaining and improving hundreds or thousands of assets across large geographical areas, in a cost effective manner.

Water and Wastewater

Maintenance of your infrastructure is crucial to delivering a secure supply of water, safeguarding public health and protecting the environment.

To do this you need a reliable and trusted partner who understands the needs and objectives of the industry.

ERIKS can support you in all your maintenance needs, from a proactive approach to minimise failure through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to an emergency service response for when things go wrong. We also understand that the costs associated with maintenance need to be reduced to lower your operating costs, ERIKS can help you reduce your engineering time and lower your ongoing maintenance costs as a best-in-class product supply partner or with an integrated on site solution.

ERIKS know how allows us to improve your asset performance through new technology and innovation to increase efficiency and deliver added value to your customers and stakeholders.

We understand the added pressures from government and society with regards to the environment and sustainability; as a socially responsible enterprise ERIKS has delivered many products to the marketplace that reduce energy consumption and protect the environment and are committed to working with customers towards a sustainable future.

ERIKS is a partner to several of the large water and wastewater companies in the industry, for information and examples showing how we helped our customers to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and maintain their assets please have a look through one of our case studies.
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