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Wood and pulp industry makes use of simalube lubricator

Wood and pulp industry

Production plants used within the woodworking industry consist of a wide range of machines for wood shredding, for cutting-to-size, and for transport and drying. In sawmills, for example, wood turning equipment, shredders, circular saws, screens, conveyors, root reducers, dryers and hammer mills, as well as complete systems for waste wood disposal can be found.

In the chipboard and pulp industry, machinery and complete systems are used for the production of wood fibre, with cutting machines, mills, tubulators and large drum and disk chippers.

We have been able to successfully equip the complete production system of several well-known, major chipboard manufacturers in Europe with simalube®. The annual consumption of simalube® lubricators is up to 1,000 units, depending on the size of the company.

In the timber industry in particular, the correct lubrication and maintenance of machinery is a very special challenge. The machine park is exposed to extreme dust emissions (sawdust, grinding and screen powder). It can therefore happen that a poorly lubricated bearing can be heated up unnecessarily as a result of either too little or too much lubricant, which is unfortunately very often the case with manual lubrication.

This represents an acute fire risk for the dust lying on the bearing, and a devastating fire could be triggered very quickly.

Insufficient lubrication can result in a suction effect in the bearing, which draws dust into the bearing, causing it to be destroyed. Excessive grease, on the other hand, heats up the bearing, thereby unnecessarily shortening its service life. Lubrication points that are especially difficult to access, such as chain drives, conveyor belts, ventilators, conveyor belt drives, guides and various bearings can be reliably and efficiently serviced with the simalube®-lubricator.

High levels of contamination, such as swarf, dirt and dust, occur in many applications in the woodworking industry. It is therefore even more important to ensure a regular supply of lubricant to all lubrication points.

Corrosion on outdoor installations as a result of a damp environment is another recurring theme. As a result of inadequate lubrication, condensed water can often form in the bearing. This must be effectively prevented with correct lubrication.

The simalube® grease or oil dispenser is screwed in place of the grease nipple, and, with the corresponding activation, will reliably supply the lubrication point with a suitable lubricant for up to a year. In doing this, it will dispense exactly the amount specified by the user every day.

The manual outlay and the associated maintenance costs will thereby be reduced to a minimum. Automatic lubrication using simalube® lubricators results in a considerable increase in workplace safety while simultaneously increasing productivity.

The use of SL01, SL04, SL14 und SL15 is recommended in the timber industry.

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