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Work Holding Tools

Lathe Chucks

Work Holding Tools in our range include lathe chucks, quick-change tool holders, centre punches, drill chucks, tool holders, edge finders, vices, clamping elements and magnetic work holding equipment.

Ably supported by leading clamping brands such as our own brand Format, we can supply the highest quality of clamping tools in the market today.

Clamping features in a multitude of designs, and variations have been manufactured to suit all applications and environments. With plane-parallel clamping and holding faces, clamps can be combined with various clamping underlays and adapted to different workpiece shapes and sizes.

Our selection of High-performance lathe chucks, quick-change tool holders and centre punches include the industry's best grades for maximum productivity in any purpose. We also cater for a wide range of applications such as high cutting performance for bespoke productions and designs equipped with DIN company standard references.

We hold tool holders, edge finders, vices, and clamping elements that offer a modern solution for all-purpose machining. We are confident that our selection of grades and coatings, you'll find the tool appropriate to your function.
Tool Holders

Our Format brand offers flexible innovations to a range of clamping products such as clamping devices and clamping forces.

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