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Fenner Drive Designer

Wrapped Wedge Belts

Wrapped Wedge Belt

Fenner® Power Plus Wrapped Wedge Belts and Conti Ultraflex Wrapped Wedge Belts are the mainstay of industrial V-style belt drives, with a deeper section than V belts to give greater power transmission capacity.

Built using advanced technology, Fenner® Power Plus Wedge Belt achieves economic performance by use of low elongation polyester cords and abrasion resistant impregnated jacket fibre.

´PB®´ (Precision Build) technology

Accuracy and stability of length

´One-Shot´ tensioning - no matching necessary
Wrapped Wedge belt

All wrapped wedge belts meet the highest industry standards for static conductivity and non-ignition properties

Sections SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC & 8V; stock lengths up to 12.5m

Comply with ISO4184, BS3790, DIN7753 & RMA IP22 standards

All wrapped wedge belts anti-static to ISO1813, heat & oil resistant (-40 to +70°C)

Off-the-shelf drives up to 500 kW rating

Operate in ISO (not 8V) and RMA (not SPA & SPC) pulley grooves
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