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ERIKS’ expertise also goes far beyond the machinery and its manufacture, installation and maintenance.
ERIKS’ expertise also goes far beyond the machinery and its manufacture, installation and maintenance.
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Impartiality is not something you get much of these days, when even the BBC is looking at allowing “Product Placement.” So when you’re trying to improve your productivity and profitability by reviewing your equipment and processes, how can you be sure of getting the best advice from a supplier, and not just whatever is the best deal for them?

Your best bet is to choose suppliers with a broad portfolio of products, services and capabilities, so there is no danger of your options being limited as a consequence of them having only a limited offering. And secondly, so you don’t end up paying for services you don’t need, or find yourself unable to get the support you do need, you should select suppliers who are flexible, and able to offer a scalable service that best suits your individual needs.

ERIKS Technical Services team for example, are available to get involved at whatever stage you prefer, and can provide as much or as little help, advice and support as you require, to meet your objectives.

Assessing the reliability of your processes is probably something you routinely do, albeit informally, but sometimes it pays to get a second opinion through a fresh pair of eyes. The ERIKS Technical Services team can help, bringing to bear decades of experience and a deep understanding of industrial processes, using a consultative approach that reviews your high risk, performance-critical areas, to identify and prioritise potential savings or improvement opportunities. Furthermore, because the ERIKS team has such a comprehensive and unbiased menu of solutions, we have the capability to identify and recommend the optimum solution(s) based on what’s best for you.

These solutions come in a variety of forms;
- upgrading to new equipment for improved performance
- re-engineering your existing equipment for productivity gains
- repair of existing equipment, returning its performance to original equipment manufacturers levels or beyond

ERIKS also has the capability to manufacture custom solutions from scratch if required, or to build sub-assemblies: providing you with sets of standard components, combined in such a way as to meet your needs.

In fact whatever it takes, the ERIKS Technical Services team working with your in – house specialists, can deliver the optimum solution for you, in direct contrast with the approach of other suppliers who, whatever they’ve got, that’s the solution they’ll deliver.

It may be that your process performs well currently, but you would like to know when its at risk of failing. Here, in this scenario, you would potentially benefit from ERIKS Predictive Maintenance Services, including Condition Monitoring, complete with detailed reporting which gives you advanced warning of impending problems allowing you to plan corrective actions without disrupting production schedules.

From the outset our Predicitive Maintenance team will give you impartial advice on the type of condition monitoring (vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermal imaging etc.) and frequency that best suits your particular equipment and processes. They will also help you to decide whether or not you should perform the analysis in house or let ERIKS perform the services on a sub contract basis, based on what’s affordable for you and the capability of your own personnel to carry out the analysis.

But however essential it may be to improve your processes, machinery or systems, the impetus to change may still face obstacles. Whether it is the people who manage the processes, or the ones who actually operate the machines, the reasoning is often the same: we’ve always done it like this, so why do we need to change? This is not a situation where you can simply drive through your desired changes and hope for the best.

ERIKS Technical Services team understand these cultural and emotional issues as they have worked through these situations may times before. They have the expertise to act as an agent for change: helping you by talking to everyone involved, explaining what’s happening and why, and demonstrating and proving the advantages and benefits of making the proposed changes. So not only will your processes end up running more productively and more profitability, but your workforce will be supportive of the changes too.

Of course you may not need, or even want this kind of start-to-finish, consultation-to commissioning, full-blown service and support. You may prefer, or require, something far simpler: such as an ERIKS specialist calling in to visit your facility, working with you to assess the situation and merely making a recommendation. Fortunately, the flexibility and scalability of ERIKS’ offering means the choice is yours.

Just as long as you choose the right supplier, of course.

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