Making energy reduction a positive

Giving the earth a little TLC and your business a little less TCO.
Giving the earth a little TLC and your business a little less TCO.
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Reducing energy use doesn't have to mean reducing productivity or profitability. In fact reduced energy consumption can - with the right technology and know-how - actually turn out to be a competitive advantage. That's what makes ERIKS Planet+ initiative as positive for industry as it is for the planet.

The world needs industry, and industry needs energy, but what the world doesn't need is the harmful by-products of industry, such as carbon emissions. So one of the four key elements of Planet+ is positive energy reduction, which in turn leads to a smaller carbon footprint (good for the planet) and smaller bills (good for industry). This can be achieved through customers' machinery, and ERIKS' innovation.

Working with OEMs, for example, ERIKS can help them to develop cost-efficient solutions for the products they manufacture. Working with producers, ERIKS can supply them with efficient products which enhance their productivity whilst also reducing energy use. And for equipment already in operation, ERIKS' MRO expertise and passion for technology means re-engineering, refurbishing and repair solutions can help to make existing machinery as energy-efficient and productive as new equipment.

By cutting energy use and costs, businesses gain an immediate competitive advantage. If, at the same time, they can also enhance productivity, then the benefits are multiplied. In addition, more efficient energy use can also lead to positive Government financial support in the shape of an enhanced capital allowance, for example, and to the avoidance of negatives such as financial penalties for exceeding emissions targets.

The impact on costs of taking positive steps to reduce energy use is also more significant than many businesses may realise.

With energy for driving electric motors currently amounting to 60% of industry's total consumption, it's clear that introducing energy-efficient motors can lead to dramatic results. Similarly, when up to 30% of energy costs in commercial businesses arise simply from lighting, just introducing more energy-efficient illumination can produce significant savings. So small steps can produce major effects, with no negative impact on productivity or profitability - and frequently quite the opposite.

When ERIKS UK replaced mechanical speed control with electronic control on six exhaust fans for a major aggregate and asphalt company, the resulting savings amounted to £28,000p.a., with a payback period of just 18 months. The energy savings went hand-in-hand with carbon emission reductions of over 150 tonnes per annum. Similarly, the replacement of belt-driven liquid ring vacuum pumps with close-coupled alternatives for a leading double glazing manufacturer led to savings of £93,000p.a., and a payback period of less than a year. At the same time, the company's carbon footprint has been reduced by over 700 tonnes per annum.

It's this win-win combination - a win for business and a win for the planet

which makes ERIKS' Planet+ such a positive step. It proves that environmental awareness doesn't have to be soft and fluffy, but can actually be a hard-nosed business decision with positive commercial benefits.

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