More TLC for the planet. Less TCO for the business.

Giving the earth a little TLC and your business a little less TCO.
Giving the earth a little TLC and your business a little less TCO.
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ERIKS has always helped to improve customers' environmental performance in terms of emissions, carbon footprint, use of raw materials and wastage, simply by helping them improve their productivity, energy-efficiency and product quality. So by thinking in hard-nosed business terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers, we are ultimately able to benefit the planet too. By developing and manufacturing products which last longer, consume less energy during their operating life, are more efficient, create less waste, and are easier to recycle and otherwise dispose of at the end of their life, we save our customers money, increase their profitability, and reduce their carbon footprint.

This is the thinking behind ERIKS' new Planet+initiative: that if we all work together to reduce energy use, pollution, waste and personal risk at every stage of a product's life - from construction, to use, to decommissioning - it will ultimately be better for us all.

Planet+initiative comprises four steps covering all the areas where ERIKS and customers together can make a difference.

The four steps are:

Positive energy reduction

Cutting energy use, for a smaller carbon footprint and smaller bills, through your machinery and our innovation.

Positive pollution reduction

Manufacturing more sustainably, with less environmental impact, with the help of our forward-planning.

Positive waste reduction

Producing less waste through leaner processes, increased recycling and higher product quality, with our know-how.

Positive risk reduction

Creating a safer and healthier working environment, with our care.

We not only help our customers to take these steps, but also take them ourselves in our own operations. So, for example, we have an internal Zero Accident policy which helps us achieve positive risk reduction, and ensures we are better informed and better able to help our customers achieve their own safer and healthier working environment - as we have with Thames Water (see below).

We are also working with the University of Aberdeen to establish our internal Environmental Management System, and have recruited specialist graduate engineers to support us. With their help we are aiming to improve our environmental performance in every area, from our supply chain to our energy use and even the buildings we work in.

So Planet+initiative is already in operation and already providing positive benefits for us, our customers and our planet. Developments in the future will help to ensure that - with ERIKS' know-how - what's positive for the planet can be a plus for industry too.

ERIKS collects Health & Safety Innovation award

A unique ERIKS-designed raft for use during tank cleaning operations was given the Innovation Award at Thames Water's Excellence in Health and Safety Awards 2011. The floating work-platform avoids the complications of having to drain entire sewage tanks and set up scaffolding to carry out routine cleaning and maintenance.

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