Theres more to lubrication than lubricants

ERIKS has the know-how and expertise to assist you in all your lubrication requirements
ERIKS has the know-how and expertise to assist you in all your lubrication requirements
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It's only too easy to slip up on lubrication - and not just if it's spilt on the floor. Across a wide range of industries, the importance of lubrication Best Practice is often overlooked, and knowing the right oil for the job is sometimes felt to be the limit of lubrication obligations. However, there are many other aspects to ensuring things run smoothly, and to making sure you don't get left carrying the can - whether it's got oil in it or not.

With the exception of the food industry - where tight regulations and highly demanding customers make compliance and best practice essential - lubrication comes low down on the list of priorities for many maintenance engineers. As long as the bearings keep moving and the drives keep running, a random splash of lubricant if and when it's remembered may be the full extent of a lubrication šregime'. But because the food industry has to meet far higher standards, it can offer some very worthwhile lessons for other industries with regard to creating and operating an effective and comprehensive lubrication system.

For many, simply ensuring the specified lubricant is the one that's used is as far as any 'system' goes. But the actual lubricant is in some ways one of the least important aspects of a successful lubrication system. How it is stored, and when and how it is applied, are often equally, or even more, important.

Again in the food industry, the prospect of frequent customer audits concentrates the mind. The major supermarkets, which represent a large proportion of the customer base for the industry, expect to see tight control of every aspect of lubrication, and may require written proof that it is rigorously applied. For example, not only do the lubricants need to be food grade, of course, but so too do the materials used for the manufacture of the dispensing pumps. And again, written proof may be required.

Thankfully, most industries don't have to go to such extremes. But creating a lubrication system which would stand up to such a rigorous inspection will go a long way to ensuring the highest standards of maintenance, the most effective operation of equipment, the longest equipment life, and the least likelihood of lubrication-related Health and Safety issues.

As a supplier of lubricants to the food industry, this kind of best practice is something which ERIKS is well-qualified to pass on to customers in every other industry. And, as a distributor with real know-how, ERIKS can offer you as basic or as comprehensive a service as your require - from simply supplying your lubricants, to creating and managing a complete lubrication system, including training and continuous improvement.

At the simplest level, you can be sure ERIKS will supply the correct lubricant for the job, as and when it's required. ERIKS can supply a wide range of lubricant types, suitable for a huge number of applications, ordered via a dedicated order line and with a next-day delivery service available. Once the lubricant has been delivered to your site ERIKS can provide the necessary equipment for correct and safe storage. This will be perfectly matched to your needs - as small or as large as you like, depending on the quantities you need to store -robust enough to stand up to the tough conditions of an industrial environment, and will incorporate a built-in spill tray to contain any spills or leaks. ERIKS can also provide dispensing equipment - either for dispensing the lubricant from its original container into smaller vessels, for dispensing at the point of use, or for dispensing direct to the equipment.

If you need even more help and support with your lubrication requirements, ERIKS has the know-how and expertise to help you.

For example, you may want a lubrication schedule for an individual machine, or for your entire production line. As well as designing the schedule, ERIKS can provide anything from application guides to a fully-integrated preventive maintenance scheme incorporating condition monitoring systems, and can provide training on the lubricants, the lubrication regime, dispensing, storage, and Health and Safety.

ERIKS' know-how also means that if you find that a particular component is causing problems that lubrication doesn't seem to be solving, they can look beyond the lubricant to the component itself - such as a bearing - and offer advice on selecting a different component and the most suitable lubricant, and on creating the most effective lubrication and maintenance schedule.

However, even the most effective regime can be improved as new products are developed, and will require amending as new equipment is installed. So ERIKS also offers support for continuous improvement: helping you to identify and undertake projects to improve the way you use lubricants, to ensure the most effective lubrication, the optimum component performance, and the maximum equipment service life.

This highly comprehensive offering - unmatched by any other distributor - combining lubrication products, services, equipment, capabilities and know-how, will help you to achieve significant cost-savings. Which proves that there's not only more to lubrication than lubricants, but that there are also more benefits than just smoother-running equipment.

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