Waste reduction is never wasted

Giving the earth a little TLC and your business a little less TCO.
Giving the earth a little TLC and your business a little less TCO.
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There's more to waste in industry than the kind of things that go in the bin or the skip. There's also wasted time, wasted production resources, wasted energy - and of course they all ultimately lead to wasted money. So positive waste reduction is designed not only to reduce waste in all its forms, but also to maximise profitability.

ERIKS' Planet+ initiative considers all kinds of waste and has solutions to help reduce them all. From the most basic aspect of minimising the gap between inputs and useable outputs, to more involved solutions for eliminating the double negative of quality rejects and wasted production time and resources, ERIKS' Planet+ takes the best of a customer's processes and the best of ERIKS' know-how, to provide the best, least wasteful productivity.

Unavailable production capacity is waste, so ERIKS works with customers to eliminate production stoppages, by identifying optimum maintenance schedules and forecasting maintenance work for non-productive periods. ERIKS can also support customers in re-engineering critical processes to improve reliability and avoid unforeseen stoppages, as well as replacing unreliable or OEM special components with new technology parts and systems which are more reliable, require less maintenance and have faster change-over times.

But quantity of productivity is not the only requirement to eliminate waste. Quality is important too. Clearly a product rejected on the grounds of quality is waste in itself, but so are the resources and time taken to produce it, and the duplicate resources required to produce another. Fortunately ERIKS' experience encompasses both identification of the reason for the sub-standard production, and resolution of the issues for the short- and long-term.

Waste in the production process is sometimes obvious. Waste on the supply side can be less easy to spot. However, ERIKS' experience in maintenance, engineering and core production supply can help to ensure that even this kind of waste is reduced or eliminated.

For example, it may be possible to develop products to simplify assembly or the production process. Or ERIKS' own flexible supply system could supply kits or pre-assembled systems ready to be installed -saving time and engineering resources. Last but not least, Kanban, bin and other efficient supply management systems operated by ERIKS can help the customer's production line to keep working, thus positively reducing the waste of production stoppages.

Positive waste reduction helps customers to produce less waste through leaner processes, increased recycling, and higher product quality, by combining ERIKS' know-how with customers' processes. But like all the steps in the ERIKS Planet+ initiative, it goes much further. It also reduces costs, increases productivity, and maximises profitability.

So what's good for the planet is also good for the customer's business. It's hard to get much more positive than that.

'The customer's issue was resolved with a solution that not only reduced their waste but also increased the efficiency of the line.'

Chris Balls, Manager,
ERIKS Hose Technology Centre

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