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Know+How Magazine is the leading magazine for maintenance engineers from ERIKS. Missed an issue? Then take a look through our back issues...

Latest Issue: No. 43 Aggressive Environments

When you think ‘aggressive environment', what industries immediately spring to mind?’ Our guess is industries such as steel, mining and quarrying, oil and gas where the surrounding environment is particularly harsh.

For ERIKS In Action, we look at unidentified production problems that can hide no more recurring issues cost money. But the introduction of expert online vibration monitoring is the first step to highlighting and removing unidentified production problems.

Our In Focus takes a look at adopting new energy-saving methods that will soon be industry best practices. And what better way to start than by switching to high-efficiency IE4 motors.

Our Debate is asking, are we ready for the reshoring revolution? Although Covid and Brexit have without doubt accelerated the move towards reshoring, there are other long-standing factors that must be considered.

Back Issue: No. 42 Hygienic Solutions

Today, companies are being pushed more than ever to increase their awareness around hygiene, whether that be personal or industry related. So, drawing upon decades of experience, with demonstratable examples from our specialist engineers and partner suppliers, this Hygienic Solutions edition delivers insight and foresight into managing these expectations.

For ERIKS In Action, we look at how we continue to support our customers with their projects, including how our Specialist Engineering team assisted Torpoint Ferry to get back on track, with a large-scale sheave redesign.

Our In Focus takes a look at the stringent regulations around the use of threadlockers and sealants in water applications, and how LOCTITE®’s range of WRAS-approved products eliminate such worries.

Our Debate editorial takes a step outside the box to discuss Donald Trump’s presidential legacy and what we have learned from his four-year reign in office.

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